Homeowners are re-discovering laminate's ease of installation and surprisingly low cost. If the term laminate countertops doesn't ring a bell, the name Formica or Wilsonart probably does. Formica, a brand name of the oldest type of laminate counter material around, has long carried the laminate legion, for the rest of the industry. Alas, times change; and for laminate countertops, change has been for the good. Many of the myths and assumptions about laminate countertops have been shattered, opening up more kitchens and bathrooms for laminate countertops. Manufacturers such as Wilsonart bind a protective layer (in Wilsonart's case, it's called AEON) to the laminate, making it up to 500% more scuff and scratch resistant, 400% more wear resistant. Give us a call or stop in to discuss the cost effective and durable options of laminates for your next project.